Lead Generating and Benefits in Marketing

Lead Generating and Benefits in Marketing

Are you exhausted from trying everything you can to improve your business’ marketing? If you keep losing money to marketing strategies that don’t seem to work, it’s time to consider hiring a lead generation company (LGC). Every business is unique; strategies that work for one might not work for another. Not to mention that most outbound marketing techniques are quickly becoming redundant and won’t help you progress your business. If you’re unsure of how an LGC will benefit your business’s marketing, keep reading.

First, let’s discuss inbound versus outbound marketing. Inbound marketing techniques attract buyers to inquire about your products or services and ultimately lead to making a purchase. In a sense, inbound marketing tactics “pull the right leads in”. Outbound marketing is, in so many words, pushing your products and services on everyone and anyone. They tend to interrupt our daily lives by forcing us to acknowledge them. For example, commercials interrupting The Bachelor, bus ads shoved in your face during traffic, or even pop-up ads that must be dealt with before the page you want can open. These are all ways to annoy anyone who isn’t in the market for whatever you sell.

Outbound Marketing
  • Goal is to show anyone and everyone your product/service
  • Not focused on the ideal lead
  • Tends to “interrupt” peoples’ time
  • Becoming redundant as technology advances
  • Examples: TV commercials, radio commercials, newspaper ads, the yellow pages ads, billboards, bus stop ads, etc.
Inbound Marketing
  • Goal is to attract your ideal lead
  • Not interested in advertising to the whole world; only ideal leads
  • Doesn’t interrupt people- leads choose if they want to click
  • Internet-based
  • Examples: freebies/giveaways on website, search engine optimization (SEO), online branding, social media followings, etc.

Outbound marketing tactics are often costly with fewer results. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is extremely successful at attracting the leads that will most likely turn into customers, and it’s almost completely free or at least very affordable. It’s less intrusive and interruptive to daily lives, making it better received than outbound tactics.

Ready to start utilizing inbound marketing strategies, but not sure where to start? When you hire an LGC, like the marketing club, they can assist in all aspects of lead generation including inbound marketing. Here are 3 inbound marketing strategies an LGC can help you with:

  1. Website Optimization

    Your website is the first impression you can make to your customers online. If it seems cluttered, disorganized, or unclear, they won’t trust you. This can be challenging if you don’t have experience in website building or design; an LGC can assess your current website and create a plan for how to improve it. A big part of that is creating a cohesive flow from the landing page to the checkout. Your logo should be consistent, your headlines and subtitles should be consistent, and your content should be consistent. Consistency is created by using the same font, size, and color for subtitles, headings, and navigation menus. It creates a professional and official atmosphere. Also, there should be no dead-end links, empty pages, or confusion when trying to reach specific pages. An LGC can do all these things and many more that will optimize your website for customers to feel comfortable spending their money.

  2. Search Engine Optimization

    If your company’s website doesn’t have a blog section yet…what are you waiting for? Including blog posts on your website is an excellent way to attract traffic for many reasons. According to SeoPressor, search engines prefer websites with lots of current content. Blog content can explain more about your products and services than you can fit in the product descriptions. You could even share positive reviews, how-to guides, or testimonials. Secondly, when your ideal lead searches a term in the search engine, you want your business to come up in the results first. To do this, your blog should include specific keywords and phrases that your ideal lead will be using to find products like yours. Having a blog section is a way to optimize your website to be found in the search engine results more often. Not sure where to start or what kind of blog posts to write? When you hire an LGC, they can guide you on the type of content your website needs (and sometimes even write it for you!).

  3. Social Media Optimization

    After your website, your social media pages are the most crucial aspects of inbound marketing. This is where customers can get a true sense of who you are as a company and suss out if they trust you. You need to be creating a feed that is positive and provides value to your ideal lead. This isn’t about having the highest number of followers; you want the right followers, people who will buy your product or service. This is done by curating an appropriate bio blurb, profile picture, links, and then a feed that looks cohesive and on-brand. You also need to be responding to any direct messages or comments as soon as possible and reaching out to other pages and commenting on their feed. Social media is a web of crucial marketing tactics that can increase your sales tenfold. Luckily, your LGC will take care of the whole thing, get you “more bang for your buck”, and teach you how you should be running your pages.

The field of marketing is ever changing and rapidly evolving. What used to sell through commercials and billboards now sells immensely better through social media and your own website. Rather than going out into the world to find your idea lead, market yourself so they choose you. You need to stay on top of the best marketing practices for your specific niche and industry, or at least hire someone who can do that for you. This doesn’t mean losing control or authority over your business, it’s just accepting some guidance from a team of extremely knowledgeable, well trained, and experienced lead generators. Hiring an LGC could be the best decision you make for your business, ready to take the leap?