What is a Lead Generator Company and What Can They Do for You?

What is a Lead Generator Company and What Can They Do for You?

If you own a business, you’re familiar with the important task of attracting potential customers and then turning them into happy patrons. You’ve likely kept a watchful eye on your competitor’s success. What are they doing that I’m not? How did they accumulate such a large customer base? Aside from having an exceptional team and a valuable product or service, many successful businesses also benefit from a lead generator company (LGC).

In general, a lead generator company is a responsible for helping your business acquire and solidify leads. Leads- potential customers- are the bread and butter of your business; without leads all you have is stationary and an empty bank account. When you hire an LGC to work for you, there are multiple ways they help your business start gathering leads and converting them into consumers. The first step is to have a consultation.

Initial Consultation

Before any work can be done, the LGC will need to know what your goals for your business are and why you’re struggling to achieve them. If your company has multiple departments, the LGC will need to know exactly what each team is responsible for. In this initial consultation, the LGC representative will aim to understand what the ideal type of lead your business benefits from. This goes deeper than knowing your target audience; leads can be very specific demographics with a history of purchasing from and inquiring about your industry. In some cases, your Sales department may think one type of lead is ideal and the Marketing department may think another. It’s critical that all departments adhere to the same company mission and goals, and this consultation is the start of implementing that.

Once you’ve hired an LGC and you’re both on the same page in terms of goals for your business, there are multiple things the LGC can do for your business. Here are 5 common tasks the marketing club and other LGCs can do:

  1. Assess and “Reheat” Your Current Customer Base

    The LGC will go through all your contacts, past customers, and potential customers that never ended up purchasing. Leads that didn’t reach fruition of a purchase are considered “cold”, and it’s your LGC’s job to reheat those leads and acquire new ones that are hot. It’s important to understand why those cold leads didn’t purchase from you and to ensure they don’t go to one of your competitors. This first step of not leaving any stone unturned is crucial to moving forward. Any past leads that are salvageable will be moved through the next step.

  2. Nurture Leads

    Before you hand over the contact information for leads to the Sales department, you want to make sure the potential customer is primed and certain they want to purchase from you. There’s nothing more frustrating for your top seller than to be given leads that were nowhere near ready to buy. The LGC will decide which cold leads from your contact list are ready to send to the Sales department by engaging with them. LGC teams are highly trained in grooming potential clients making them feel safe with your company. They’re also educated in “industry challenges, goals, priorities, trends, and competitive landscape” making them an excellent voice for potential customers to discuss your products or services with.

  3. Curate Engaging Social Media

    You’re a business owner; you probably don’t have a lot of time to spend researching hashtags and creating graphics for your social media pages. If you hire an LGC they handle this whole task for you. From creating the best content for your pages, attracting your ideal leads, and engaging with followers, allowing the LGC to take over your social media takes a lot off your hectic plate. Having attractive, cohesive, and engaging social media pages is one of the most important tactics for generating leads and increasing sales.

  4. Assess and Revamp your Website

    Your website is one of the most important components of your business. When potential customers see a clean, cohesive design with welcoming and easy-to-understand graphics and headlines, they’re more likely to trust you. In a way, your website is your first impression and you need to make a good one. An LGC will assess the design and layout of your website, ensure the fonts and colors are on-brand and make sure your website is mobile friendly. Did you know 60% of searches are done from a mobile phone these days? If anything needs to be changed or edited, the LGC will ensure it gets done, effectively giving online leads a better experience on your page.

  5. Make Your Business Searchable

    No one will find your website or your business online if it isn’t searchable. When a potential customer goes to a search engine and tries to find a product you sell, you don’t want all your competitors showing up in the search results first. So, the LGC will ensure every detail of your online content is searchable; this refers to search engine optimization (SEO). They will do this by using specific keywords in your blog, making sure every post ends with a call-to-action and assessing your current forms. Forms are used on your contact and subscription pages or pop-ups to entice leads to give you their information. There are many SEO strategies the LGC will use, and ultimately, they all result in an increase in leads.

When deciding how to improve your business and increase leads, there’s no better option than hiring an LGC. They are highly trained in all aspects of lead generation and increasing sales. Why spend your valuable time learning dozens of new strategies? An LGC will work hard to understand exactly what your business’ goals and mission are and help your team work towards them cohesively. They’ll nurture old and new leads, ensuring potential customers feel safe with your company. And, they’ll ensure your entire online presence, from social media to website, is searchable and appealing to leads.

Ready to take the plunge and start selling to purchase-ready leads? Consider hiring a LGC today!