When Should You Use a Lead Generation Company?

When Should You Use a Lead Generation Company?

Knowing when it’s time to bite the bullet and ask for help is a challenge for most business owners. No one knows your business like you do; how are you supposed to trust a random company with nurturing it like you do? You may think, I’ve been around long enough, there’s nothing they can teach me. Or if you’re a brand-new company, you may be insecure that there isn’t enough substance in your business for an LGC to assist. This article is going to tell you why you’re wrong, and help you decide if now’s the right time to hire an LGC

My business has been around longer than the cable TV. I know how it works and I don’t need help from anyone.

Sound like you or someone you know? Here’s how hiring an LGC can help a well-established business. In order to grow and increase profits, you have to stay on top of the marketing ball. Things change so fast in the marketing industry, people are using every aspect of social media to attract attention to their brands. While you may love paying for bus stop ads or newspaper ad sections, social media is free or very cheap in comparison. And, way more effective at attracting leads.

Although your business has an established method of marketing (hey, it’s worked for you so far), there are always ways to improve; no business is perfect. At the marketing club, your online presence is edited and curated to be streamlined and cohesive across all platforms, digital marketing is utilized to garner new leads and they’ll assess the quality of leads you’re currently sending to the Sales department. Why bother trying to learn the internet and lead generation as fast as you can when you can hire an LGC today.

I just started my business; our sales are next to nothing. We barely have a business to attract leads to.

If you’re feeling like a small fish in a big pond, an LGC can help you. Maybe this is your first business and you’re a little unsure of the next step to take. Maybe you use social media regularly but aren’t taking advantage of its benefits as much as you could. Perhaps there’s an incongruence between what your Marketing team thinks is a hot lead and what your Sales department does. Hey, maybe your Marketing and Sales department are the same team.

This is what an LGC can do for you: assess your social media presence and marketing strategies to ensure they as attractive and savvy as possible. An LGC can help better outline the roles of each team and even create teams out of your group of employees. When you start gathering leads from your exceptional digital marketing strategies, an LGC can help nurture those leads until they’re ready to be sold to. There are many nuances and systems in businesses that make them run successfully and an LGC will implement them for you.

Still not sure you really need an LGC’s help? Here are 3 cases in which you are in desperate need of assistance:

  1. Your sales are declining.

    There is a myriad of reasons your sales may be declining, from the quality of products to bad customer service. According to Hooklead, if your sales are declining it’s likely because quality leads aren’t being generated, and Sales is being handed leads that aren’t ready to purchase. Your business needs help with marketing and lead-nurturing, both of which can be fixed by an LGC. An LGC will assess your marketing strategies and assess your current contact list. Are your Instagram followers the target market for what you’re selling? Does your website’s landing page look attractive to your ideal lead? When a lead does inquire, how are they responded to by your team? There are lots of little details you may be overlooking but make a huge impact on your sales.

  2. Marketing is eating up most of your budget

    Digital marketing is one of the best advances the business world has seen in a long time. Not only is it customizable and potentially reaches millions of people, it’s cheap or even free. When you hire an LGC, they’ll look at what your marketing budget is going towards and suggest ways to make it more efficient. We’re not saying to kick bus stop ads to the curb, but an LGC will likely have proven and effective marketing methods that are better and more affordable than your current strategies.

    Technology Advice says hiring an LGC contract is way cheaper than putting a lead specialist on the payroll. You don’t have to pay commission, bonuses, or benefits, and when you’re done with their service you simply don’t renew the contract at the end. Easy and affordable.

  3. You’ve tried everything and you’re running out of ideas.

    You haven’t tried everything if you haven’t hired an LGC. Like we said above, the digital marketing space and lead generation tactics are always changing! You can try and stay ahead of the curve, or you can hire an LGC to implement the best strategies curated for your specific business. Some ideas that worked for other companies won’t work for yours; spending time and money on them is a waste. Hiring an LGC is beneficial because they have the training, experience, and expertise to know what your business needs to be successful.

No one likes asking for help, especially with something as personal as a business. It’s helpful to remember that there is always room for improvement, whether you’re a new business learning the ropes or on the Fortune 500 list. LGCs make improving your business easy; they create strategies that are tailor-made for your brand’s unique customer base and niche. They can help your marketing expenses stay on budget while utilizing online tools you hadn’t even heard of. And, there’s no hassle: once you’ve gotten all the help you need, you can simply choose not to renew the contract when it’s done and continue on with your new knowledge alone. No more excuses, get those leads flowing and those sales made with a lead generation company today!